Welcome to Formlessvoid.com!

What is the formless void? It all comes down to creation. Yes, the site name is sort of stolen from Genesis (the book, not the band). Okay, maybe there's a little John Whorfin and the formless void of the 8th Dimension in there as well.

Either way, it sums up, for me, what the Web is all about. In the beginning the ether was empty and without content. Creative energy from whatever source you wish to credit (or discredit) took that nothing and made it into something. That's what we do, everyday.

There are a handful of sites rooted here. More often then not, you'll go directly to one of them and never see this page. That's not important -- you can't prove this page exists if you aren't here, anyway.

Now where's my Oscillation Overthruster?

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